Free DivX Converter

This is one free video converter can help you to convert between DivX video and other video formats, you can use it as one free alternative for the DivX Converter from DivX, Inc, so its name is Free DivX Converter. Now DivX become more and more popular than before, this small tool can let you fully enjoy this advance video format (good quality and smaller file size).

This free program is small but has powerful features, the two main functions of this program are "DivX Encoder" and "DivX Decoder", with "DivX Encoder" you can convert almost all popular formats video to DivX video, and with "DivX Decoder" you can convert DivX video to other video format, the output files video quality as good as the source files.

How to Convert Video to DivX

The first, you need download and install Free DivX Converter on your PC, launch program, the default interface is for "DivX Encoder", which can convert other video to DivX video, click "Add" button to select your video files as the source, Free DivX Converter support many input video formats (read more [Input Video Format Support]), program support batch conversion, you can add all your video files that you want to convert to DivX one time, after you done, click "Convert" and select one output video folder, then program will do all conversion jobs for you, one by one, with quick speed and high output video quality.

Sceenshot for DivX Encoder

Input Video Format Support

  • AVI Files (*.avi)
  • MPEG4 Files (*.mp4)
  • MPG Files (*.mpg)
  • Quicktime Files (*.mov)
  • WMV Files (*.wmv)
  • RealMedia Files (*.rm;*.rmvb)
  • Flash Videos (*.flv)
  • VOB Files (*.vob) (DVD-Video media)

How to Convert DivX to Other Video

The first, click the "DivX Decoder" tab on main interface, program will switch interface for convert DivX to other video, then you use "Add" button to choice some DivX videos, before program start to convert, you must choice which video format for the output vide, Free DivX Converter can support almost all popular video formats, from MPEG4 to Quicktime MOV video, you can find more details on the section [Output Video Format Support], the default output video format is MPEG4, after you decide the output video format, click "Convert" and select one output folder to save the conversion files, program will start conversion and show one "Progress Bar" to tell how much conversion jobs have be completed.

If you want to convert the DVD discs video, you just need add the VOB files in your DVD discs, DVD video media come as a "video_ts" folder with vob files, these files contains all the compressed video and audio data.

Sceenshot for DivX Decoder

Output Video Format Support

  • MEPG4 (MP4)
  • AVI (MPEG1)
  • Xvid
  • MOV (Quicktime)
  • WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • Sony PSP
  • DVD (NTSC)
  • DVD (PAL)
  • 3GP (mobile)
  • MP3 (audio only)

Convert DivX to DVD Format

If you want convert DivX to DVD video format, you must choice DVD-NTSC or DVD-PAL, the DVD-NTSC (National Television System Committee) is used most of America (USA, Canada), If you come from Western Europe and Australia, you should choice DVD-PAL (Phase Alternating Line) as the DVD video format. Before you use this Free DivX Converter to convert your DivX video, you need make sure which DVD format be used in your nations and territories, after the conversion done, you can use other DVD burn software to create your DVD movie disk.

Program can work fine with most Windows platforms, include latest Windows Vista


This software is a freeware, it use two free STANDALONE command lines, FFmpeg (GPL) and MPlayer/MEncoder (GPL). The command line FFmpeg come from win32 static and source (17-Jan-2011 builds), FFmpeg is a trademark of Fabrice Bellard. MPlayer/MEncoder ( come from project, svn 32848 (2011-02-04 builds). DivX ® is a registered trademark of DivX, Inc.

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